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5 Tips to help you bond with cats

Cats are very gentle and nice creatures. I love them and many family members and friends of mine do too. So I am going to share with you five tips to bond with cats. This could apply to your cats or your friends’ cats or even cats in general. I hope you enjoy these tips.

  Play with your cats

Many people assume that all cats do is eat, sleep and don’t like humans. But that assumption actually is the reason for the cat’s behavior. Think of it from a human standpoint. If your parents never took you anywhere or did anything with you and you could not talk, what would you do? Most likely, just go on electronics or eat. That concept applies to cat’s exactly the same way. If your mind is set to the assumption that they don’t do anything then you won’t try to do anything with them which results in this behavior. So tip number one is play and spend time with cats that you want to bond with.

  Be gentle and calm when approaching a cat for the first time

Normally when you meet a cat for the first time you run up to it and start petting it and saying its cute. The normal reaction from a cat includes running away and hiding. Following that you start to think that the cat does not like you. For example, I was at my friend’s house once and she had an extremely shy cat named Moana. When Moana came out of the closet I quietly went over to her with a plate of food and she sniffed my hand. She then proceeded to rub against my hand and let me pet her. My friend told me that it was the first time Moana let somebody touch her that was not part of the family. So tip number two is to be gentle and calm when approaching cats that you want to bond with.

  Associate yourself with good things

Another thing you should do to bond with cats is associate yourself with things cats like such as food and toys. These types of things can be used as icebreakers for you and other cats. If you associate yourself with food or toys, cats will come to you naturally because they know you will give them food or play with them. Since these activities make cats happy then they will bond with you and love you. So tip number three is to associate yourself with good things that cats like when bonding with them.

   Don’t Punish, Reward

Cats learn by reward when they do something good, not punishment when they do something bad. For example, if your cat is scratching on the couch even when you bought him or her a post you don’t punish them. Instead, when they start to scratch on the post, give them treats or pet them. By doing this you will build a strong foundation with the cat and are teaching them what to and not to do yet still showing that you love them and having them love you. So tip number four is to reward instead of punish when bonding with a cat.

   Talk to Cats

You know when you meet somebody new and you get shy but then you start talking to people and realize that they are friendly. That is the same with cats. The more you talk to cats and call them by their names then they will become more familiar with you and your voice. This can also be used as an icebreaker and a way to create a stronger bond with a cat. The final tip, tip number five is talk to cats when bonding with them.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to help bond with cats. Check out some of the other articles on our website.


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