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3 Things you Should Think About Before Getting a Cat

 Cats make wonderful pets but it is important to research them before making such a large investment. So today I am going to tell you 3 things to know before getting a Cat. 

Excessive Scratching

 It is common knowledge that cats scratch a lot. They tend to scratch any leather, canvas or fabric material. There are many ways to prevent this such as putting on nail caps, putting double sided sticky tape on furniture you don’t want your cat to scratch and buying a scratching post. To get your cat interested in using his or her scratching post, simply sprinkle a little bit of catnip around the base and pole of the post and your cat will use it in no time and don’t forget to give your cat a treat when they start using it. So point number one is make sure to buy a scratching post when getting a cat.

Proper Meals

 Typically when people get cats they will purchase an automatic feeder and only feed their cat only dry food. Although having too much-wet food can cause your cat to have an upset stomach it is important to give your cat at least one can of wet food a day. This will ensure that your cat has a variety of food textures and remains healthy. Another thing to make sure you do when getting a cat is, once you find a cat food that your cat enjoys, make sure to not change the food brand. If you have to slowly change it over the course of a week. If you are getting a full-grown cat it’s best to use the same brand of food they grew up eating. Also, make sure your cat has a proper feeding schedule that consists of giving your cat wet food at the same time every day and always having a bowl of dry food available. So point number two when getting a cat is to feed your cat wet food once a day and make sure to use the same brand consistently.

Play Time

 Many people overlook playtime with cats and don’t find it necessary. But that is wrong. By playing, cats get to use their energy and are able to practice their hunting skills. Since cats are natural hunters, playing with toys helps keep them stimulated, just like hunting does in the wild. There is no specific time in the day to play with your cat, although it is recommended to play with them at least twice a day. So point number three when getting a cat is to buy toys when getting a cat and play with your cat at least twice a day.

I hope you enjoyed these things to know before getting a cat. By doing these things you will have a better relationship with your cat and save time, money, energy and stress in the long run. Check out some of the other articles on our website.


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