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5 Good Shows for Kids

It can be hard to find good shows for kids, so I’ll make it easy for you by listing 5 good shows for kids! Since Daily Kids is run by kids, we know what kids like.

Just Add Magic

Just Add Magic can be found on Netflix and is about 3 girls, Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie, who find Kelly’s grandma’s old cookbook in the attic of Kelly’s house. The cookbook turns out to be magical and they start cooking up magical foods. I love how you never know who the villain really is until the season finale. I really recommend this show.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon can be found on Hulu. It’s an anime (A Japanese animation) about a girl named Usagi Tsukino. She’s a 5th grader who was given a magical brooch from a magical cat named Luna, that turned her into a sailor guardian. The dark kingdom is trying to gather human energy so they can take over the world. Sailor Moon has to stop them and find the rest of the sailor guardians and find the sailor princess. I really like this show.

Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants is many shows and movies (Which can be found on Netflix except for the first movie which can be found on Hulu) and about two boys George and Harold who go to a school where the principal hates kids, so it’s a pretty miserable place. But the two boys do pranks and make funny comics to lighten the place up. In the first movie, they hypnotize the principal and turn him into Captain Underpants, which is the superhero they usually write about in their comics. When the principal hears a snap, he turns into Captain Underpants. When water is poured on him, he turns back. Usually, something happens and the villain in their comic comes to life and they have to get Captain Underpants to defeat him. This show is hilarious.

Floor is Lava

The floor is Lava can be found on Netflix. It’s about 3 teams with 3 people (The people in the teams change every episode) who compete to win $10,000. They have to do an obstacle course, get all 3 people across, and do it the fastest. But there’s a twist, the floor is lava and if you fall in, you’re out! The lava is of course fake, so no one is getting hurt. This show is very interesting.

Project Mc2

This show can be found on Netflix and is about agent McKayla who is part of an all-girls organization where they fight terrorists. McKayla goes to a new school (but she still has to fight terrorists) and she meets 3 really smart girls who use their smarts to figure out that she’s a secret agent. McKayla joins forces with the girls and they have to fight terrorists. This is a really good show.

I hope this list of shows has helped you decide what to watch! Check out some of our other articles on Daily Kid.


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