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5 Reasons Why Minecraft Bedrock Edition is Better Than Java Edition

Ever since I got Minecraft on my iPad, I have been biased towards Bedrock Edition. It was the edition I played and still play. Even when I got Java Edition, I would always play Bedrock more often than Java. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, here’s the scoop. There are 12 editions of Minecraft, but I’m only going to mention 2, Bedrock and Java. Mojang, the company that runs Minecraft, had to make multiple editions of Minecraft to allow people to play on different devices, thus different versions with different features were formed. Now, without further ado, 5 reasons why Minecraft Bedrock Edition is better than Java Edition.

Bedrock is simpler

If you take a look at Java Edition you will understand. Java has more complex things. Custom flat worlds, hardcore mode, spectator mode, if you press F3 it will show you where chunks are, etc. You probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Bedrock doesn’t have all these features, but seriously! 99% of Minecraft players play Minecraft to have fun! Not to do a pro speed run, record it, and then post it on youtube to make money! The simple settings in Bedrock are also good for beginner players who are still figuring out how to play and don’t know how to use the more advanced and complex settings on Java.

Obsidian Mining

   This may sound like an odd thing to mention, but I have my reasons. In Minecraft, obsidian is a crucial part of the game. It’s used for making nether portals, enchantment tables and is perfect to defend your base as it is one of the strongest blocks in Minecraft. As you can see, obsidian is needed if you want to beat the ender dragon, which is the boss. It’s too bad that obsidian is hard to find. You can only get obsidian if water touches a lava source block. A lava source block is where the lava is coming from. Oh, and did I mention that you need a diamond pickaxe to mine it? Obsidian takes a ridiculously long amount of time to mine. The advantage for Bedrock is that in Java, obsidian takes 9.4 seconds to mine, but in Bedrock, it takes only 7 seconds to mine! This may not sound like a big difference, but trust me, it is.

Drowns and Tridents

This may also sound a little odd and it’s not even needed to complete the game, but tridents are powerful, so it’s a useful thing to have. In bedrock, a trident can be dropped by any drowned, even if that drowned isn’t holding a trident. A drowned is a mob in Minecraft. It’s basically an underwater zombie. If you’re in Java, a trident can only be dropped by a drowned who is holding a trident, and fighting a drowned with a trident is hard. And there’s only a chance that the drowned with a trident will drop a trident.

Dyeing Leather Armor

This, once again, sounds odd, but by now you should have learned that I have my reasons. Even if you play Minecraft, you might not have heard of dyeing leather armor. You can turn leather armor any color by dyeing it. There are two ways to dye leather depending on which edition you play. If you play Java, you dye leather by putting it on a crafting table and putting dye beside it. But in Bedrock, you put water in a cauldron, dye the water, and then dye the leather. Bedrock’s way of dyeing makes the game cooler and more realistic. It’s also a cool decoration for a house in Minecraft.

Bedrock can be Played on Many Devices

If you want to download Java on an iPad, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, phone, or Xbox, you can’t. Java can only be played on Windows, Linux, or Mac. And you can’t even join your friend who plays Bedrock! But Bedrock can be played on an iPad, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, phone, or Xbox! And you can join your friend who plays bedrock on the iPad, even if you play on the Nintendo Switch! Bedrock is a lot better because it can be on so many devices!

I hope this convinced you to at least try Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Have a great day playing Minecraft!


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