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3 reasons to start a healthy lifestyle during your tween and teen years

 First of all, what is a healthy lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle is a way of living that makes you feel good internally, externally, physically and mentally. Things you can do to live a healthy lifestyle include eating healthy, meditating, manifesting and much more. As you get into your teen and tween years it is important to live a healthy lifestyle for multiple reasons. So here are three reasons to start your healthy lifestyle today. 

 Manage things that life throws at you

As you get older many things get thrown at you such as growing your circle of friends or driving. But it is important to balance all of the things being thrown at us. By living a healthy lifestyle you are able to balance all of the excitement in your life so it does not get overboard and something bad does not happen. So reason number one is to help manage everything that life throws at you.

  It makes you feel good

For this reason there are two different categories, feeling good physically and mentally. Let’s start physically. Whenever you eat a lot of bad food you start to feel sick and weak. It’s the opposite with good food. By eating food that is nourishing and nutritious for the body it will help you feel stronger and more active. The second way of feeling good about yourself is mentally. When you eat well or do something good for your body and mind it will help you feel better about yourself because you know you are doing something to help yourself. So reason number two for starting a healthy lifestyle is it makes you feel good mentally and physically.

Protects you against diseases  

The final reason for tweens and teens to switch to a healthy lifestyle is that it will protect you against diseases such as the flu and will lower your recovery time. Just like the last reason, this reason has two parts. The mental and internal standpoints. Let’s start with mental. If you know you are living a healthy lifestyle then you will not get as scared or worried in the case that you get a disease. Just like if you have hurricane protection materials in your house then you will be less nervous in the case of a hurricane. The next category is physical. By eating foods that nourish your body you are strengthening your immune system. So reason number three, the last reason for starting a healthy lifestyle is it protects you against diseases mentally and internally.

I hope you enjoyed these reasons on why kids in their tween and teen years should start developing a healthy lifestyle. Check out some of the other articles on our website.


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